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Composite Decking Accessories

Put the perfect finishing touches on your stunning new deck with these fantastic garden decking accessories and complementary products.
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Deck Accessories from DeckPlus

If you’re looking to give your composite decking the perfect finish, why not complement your DeckPlus boards with our high-quality garden decking accessories? We can provide attractive decking edging, a wide variety of fixing products, and far more besides.
CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners

CONCEALoc ® Hidden Fasteners

Coated in brown for minimal visibility, these stainless-steel fastenings provide easy installation with concealed appearance for a flawless, fastener-free finish.

  • Exclusively designed for our grooved profile boards
  • Concealed to preserve your deck’s clean finish
  • Built-in spacer provides uniform gaps between boards
  • Simple to secure in place from the top side of the deck
  • Install with ease either pneumatically or using a drill
  • Each pack covers 9.3m2 of decking area
  • Larger packs available for bigger installations
Hidden Fastener System

CONCEALoc® Hidden Fastener System

Combining simple installation with a pristine finish, our ingenious fastener system provides a pristine finish that’s unrivalled.
Bulk Pack

CONCEALoc® Bulk Pack

For larger installations, we offer a bulk pack capable of covering decking areas of up to 93m2.
Gun Pail

CONCEALoc® Gun Pail

Our gun pail pack is covers 46m2 of decking and is tailor-made to be used with our CONCEALoc® gun. CONCEALoc® guns are available for hire at DeckPlus - get in touch for details.
TOPLoc™ Composite Decking Screws

TOPLoc™ Screws

For a colour-matched aesthetic with corrosion-protected finish, these face-fastening screws are ideal for dense boards or situations where hidden fasteners can’t be used.

Specifically designed for use with DeckPlus composite decking, TOPLoc™ screws take the Take the guesswork out of your colour-matching quest, while also eliminating the unsightly “mushroom” effect typically evident with standard decking screws.

For the best finish, make a ready-made 4mm pilot hole to achieve a flush finish for the screw head. All TOPLoc™ screw packets come with a relevant screwdriver bit for installation.

TOPLoc™ product features:

  • Screws colour-matched to fit your individual decking design
  • 40 screws will cover each m2 of decking
  • Packs available in 350 or 1750 pcs
  • Made from zinc phosphate with a polymer coating for corrosion resistance
  • Each screw specially lubricating for ease of installation
  • Also available in marine-grade 316 stainless steel with coloured tipped heads.

Decking Edging

Seamlessly integrate your deck into your outdoor design with DeckPlus edging. Using crafted deck boards for edging will help achieve a clean finish that gives your deck a completed look for a crisp aesthetic.
Rot Free Polymer Posts

Rot Free Polymer Posts

For worry-free enjoyment of your deck for years to come, secure your foundation with rot-free posts. Made from ultra-resistant polymer, these make fantastic alternative to traditional timber


Designed to eliminate the need for manual fixing, these black rubber shoes allow your deck to sit above the surface. Not only does this reduce noise and improve drainage, it also removes the risk of damaging the boards’ weatherproof membrane.

  • Made from durable rubber material
  • Available in 10mm and 38mm sizes
  • Removes the need for mechanical attachment
  • Protects weatherproof membrane
  • Elevates joist for enhanced drainage
  • Provides an effective acoustic barrier
  • Push fitted to deck joists for ultimate easy installation
  • Easy levelling with EasyFix 3mm thick packers
  • 2 EasyFix 3mm packers supplied with each EasyFix Shoe

Deck Cleaner

While we pride ourselves on the low-maintenance properties of our durable deck boards, periodic cleaning can help you enhance your deck’s appeal. Call 0800 028 8756 for more information on our deck cleaning products and accessories.



Trim is available for all of our deckboards, please speak to our DeckPlus team on 0800 028 8756 to discuss options.
Black Stainless Steel Clips

Black Stainless Steel Clips

Starter Clips

Starter Clips