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TimberTech EasyClean Legacy Composite Decking

EasyClean Legacy Hardwood Capped Composite Decking

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Hardwood Capped Composite Decking

With four stunningly different wood shades to choose from, the EasyClean Legacy capped composite decking range seamlessly blends luxury looks with low-maintenance durability.

For a luxury decking design that performs, year in and year out, the TimberTech EasyClean Legacy range make a very convincing argument. Providing all the beauty of traditional hardwood decking with none of the arduous upkeep, this low-maintenance, this hardwood composite decking range truly performs on all fronts.

Each board is painstakingly designed to accurately mimic the authentic aesthetic of hardwood decking. Meanwhile, the composite material provides an extremely durable base that will last for years to come.

Available in four different colours – Ashwood, Dark Ashwood, Vintage White and Tigerwood – this versatile range has the innate adaptability to look at home in any garden environment, whatever your design preference.

The finish boasts a grainy texture to match, while each board is also heavily protected by a moisture-resistant polymer sleeve. This enhanced protection ensures a reliable aesthetic performance, allowing your deck to retain its luxurious looks for years to come.

Available in Four Irresistible Colours

Offering the most variety of all our decking ranges, TimberTech EasyClean Legacy hardwood composite decking comes in four distinct shades:

A premium product in our collection, the EasyClean Legacy range provides luxury options to suit all personalities: from the understated class of the Legacy Ashwood and Dark Ashwood to the quirky charm of the Legacy Tigerwood and Vintage White.

Each version features its own variegated, duo-tone pattern that’s made complete by the accompanying wood-grain texture. Meanwhile, each board is also available in both grooved and ungrooved profiles for further freedom of choice.

For the ultimate decking experience, why not customise your design even further with our variety of decking accessories?
Never Requires Treatment
Never Requires
Wipe Clean
Colour Consistent
Screw Fix
Screw Fix
Concealoc Hidden Fastener
Concealoc Hidden Fastener
TimberTech deck boards are cut ‘in-line’ in a production environment, with the board continuously moving along the production line. As a result, the ends of the boards are not cut at exactly 90 degrees. TimberTech deck boards are cut to a length of 4.88m, which should comfortable enable you to get 4.8m from each board. We recommend cutting the ends of the board to your desired length before you begin installing your deck.

Why Choose EasyClean Legacy Composite Decking?

EasyClean Legacy hardwood composite decking provides design versatility with premium properties for the ultimate luxury decking finish:

Capped Finish: Each hardwood capped composite decking board comes encased in a protective polymer sleeve for maximum durability

Extremely Durable: The capped finish means it requires very little maintenance for hassle-free upkeep year after year

Design Variety: The EasyClean Legacy range offers four unique decking designs that cover a diverse spectrum of colours
Why Choose EasyClean Legacy Composite Decking

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EasyClean Legacy Ashwood
EasyClean Legacy Vintage White & Dark Ashwood
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