Introducing our new, extra-wide EvoDek+ Grey decking boards!

Wide decking boards

We've added a new product to the DeckPlus range: EvoDek+ Grey, a superbly stylish option that's ideal for modern gardens!

These cost-effective boards are hollow and feature an exquisitely textured surface that's every bit as beautiful as real wood.

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As you know, one of the many great benefits of composite decking is its fantastic slip-resistant properties, making it a perfect choice to use outdoors, especially surrounding pools and hot tubs. Over the years, we have seen several gorgeous outdoor areas created using a combination of composite decking around swimming pools, helping homeowners create not only a low-maintenance space but one that is safe for all guests, particularly when they are coming in and out of a pool! 

We are therefore extremely excited to share with you some incredible images of our latest swimming pool decking project in a home located in Penarth, South Wales. Here, the homeowner of this gorgeous property has opted to use our fantastic EasyClean FutureDek Silver Birch composite decking, an extremely popular choice amongst many people looking to redesign their outdoor space. You can see the journey of this project below: 


Pool decking 1 Pool decking 2 Pool decking 3 Pool decking 4 Pool decking 5 Pool decking 6


If you're considering redesigning your outdoor living space with a new deck you might be wondering "is composite decking is worth the price?" Yes, composite decking is worth the price because you get what you pay for! 

Decking options such as hardwood, softwood and plastic are readily available at affordable prices and are used among a large number of households up and down the country, but they are not without their drawbacks. The reason why composite decking is generally more expensive than these decking options is that it's manufactured to a higher standard and it's easier to maintain. This saves you so much money over time! 

If, however, you are still not convinced, here we take a look at five reasons as to why we believe that composite decking is definitely worth the price. 

Is Composite Decking Worth the Price?


Our water-resistant composite decking is perfect for hot tub surrounds! If you're thinking about adding a hot tub to your outdoor area, or if you're looking for durable hot tub decking to replace your existing hot tub surrounds, just keep reading...

Hot tub decking

There are all sorts of great reasons to add a deck to your garden, but one thing we hear from a lot of DeckPlus customers is that they want a deck with a hot tub.


Tropical hardwood look decking

When you're shopping for outdoor flooring products, you can't beat the authenticity of 100% wood decking.

Or can you? Tropical hardwood decking is certainly attractive - few would deny that. But those beautiful boards have their downsides, and depending on your priorities, composite decking may be a far better bet for your outdoor space.