In an ideal world, British weather would be dominated by beautiful sunshine, cool breezy air and cloudless skies.

Sadly, barring any dramatic change in global warming across the British Isles, this picturesque ideal is an unlikely scenario.

Instead, UK residents are probably going to have to get used to grey skies, wet weather and cold winds for the foreseeable future.

While dreary weather is unavoidable, slipping on your decking is with slip-resistant decking from DeckPlus.


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Why Choose Composite Decking?

Standard wooden decking boards feature deep, natural grooves that are prone to capture and collect dirt and debris.

In the case of water, this can linger and even freeze in cold conditions, leaving you with an unwanted ice rink where your deck is supposed to be. These kinds of slippery surfaces are an accident waiting to happen! Although traditional wood decking can be very slippery in certain conditions, you may be wondering is composite decking slippery?

No it's not; unlike traditional wood decking, composite decking from DeckPlus offers a wide variety of slip-resistant qualities that make it the perfect safe-guarding alternative, particularly in wet conditions.


Slip-Resistant Composite Decking

Here at DeckPlus, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of slip-resistant decking possible. Our anti-slip decking helps greatly reduce slipping hazards, and creates a safe environment for all. 

Deliberately textured with a wood-look finish, each board is intricately made for the safest, most durable performance as well as aesthetic allure.

With less than 1.2% moisture intake, our composite deck boards are not only less likely to freeze over, they are also far less susceptible to developing slippery mould or algae.


Capped Composite Decking

Each composite deck board offers superior underfoot stability in a variety of conditions, painstakingly engineered to maintain traction in slippery conditions.

That being said, our capped composite decking range takes these high-grip capabilities to an even higher plateau, with their additional layer of moisture protection.

Encased in invisible, protective polymer, this inconspicuous membrane provides extreme water-resistance that makes capped composite decking boards virtually impermeable.


Slip-Resistant Safety

Our composite decking products have achieved the highest slip-resistance ratings both domestically in Britain as well as in Europe, providing a truly reliable surface that performs in all conditions.

Composite decking from DeckPlus is also designed to be extremely quick-drying to minimise the risk of slipping as much as possible.

After a downpour, your deck can be dry within just 30 minutes, making it the perfect surface for slip-safety, even in wet weather or in areas where water exposure is high (e.g. pools and hot tubs).



For more information on composite decking slip-resistance, why not drop us a line to hear more? Call now on 0800 028 8756 or click the link below to get in touch online.

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Deck around pool

If you're lucky enough to have a pool on your property, it's important to choose the right material for your pool surround.

Choosing wrong could make the area around your pool hazardously slippery - plus inferior products may have to be replaced very soon after they're installed!

Avoid the pitfalls of improper pool decking and deck out your poolside in style with composite decking from DeckPlus.


Benefits of composite decking around pools

When it comes to poolside surfaces, they don't come much better or much more reliable than composite decking. A combination of natural wood and synthetic materials, composite decking provides all the beauty of natural wood decking with all the durability of a man-made product.

While this is useful in any outdoor setting, the benefits in a poolside environment can be huge. Composite decking has an absorption rate of less than 1.2%, making it ideal for withstanding the inevitable splashes.

What's more, unlike its all-natural wood brethren, composite decking won't warp, rot or crack (common problems associated with traditional decking when wet). Better still, composite deck boards will never need to be sealed or treated for water-protection, making them the perfect pool decking choice.


Is composite decking slippery?

Perhaps the most useful benefit to composite decking when it comes to decking around a pool is its extreme slip resistance. While no decking material can claim to be 100% slip-proof, composite decking from DeckPlus stands firm as a reliable surface underfoot even when wet.

Each composite deck board comes complete with a textured finish for additional traction and grip; however, for the ultimate firm footing, our capped composite decking is perhaps the ultimate solution to your poolside decking needs.

Coated in a polymer sleeve, each capped composite deck board boasts unrivalled moisture protection. Any big splashes and spills can simply be wiped away without worry of absorption, while the boards themselves will often dry completely within just 30 minutes of water exposure.


Why choose composite decking for a pool?

With its peerless slip resistance, extremely low porosity and immunity to warps, rots and cracks, composite decking boasts all the functionality you could possibly want from your pool decking.

Best of all, our comprehensive collection of colours, designs and finishes provides you with unparalleled creative freedom in terms of outdoor aesthetics, ensuring you get the right surface for the job that looks as good as it performs.

To find out more about our composite decking products - ideal for swimming pool surrounds - call DeckPlus today on 0800 028 8756. If you're ready to order your composite decking and start your pool project, browse our composite decking & order directly through our website!

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When it comes to TV gardening, the first person that comes to mind for most Brits is the soft-spoken legend of lawn care that is Alan Titchmarsh.

A rare talent that has found a home on breakfast, day-time and evening TV, Titchmarsh has lent his green fingers to a variety of shows over the years, including Ground Force, Britain’s Best Garden and, most recently, ITV’s Love Your Garden.

In helping Brits achieve their dream gardens, Alan and ITV’s producers have searched far and wide for the best composite decking money can buy. Naturally, this has led them to our TimberTech range, on more than one occasion!



The Expert’s Choice

With literally decades of expertise and a gardening reputation as solid as a rockery, it’s fair to say that Alan knows a thing or two about outdoor living – which is why the show often features TimberTech products when they’re in need of top-quality decking.

Over the last decade, our TimberTech range has appeared on Love Your Garden several times, with our products gracing the small screen in multiple episodes across a number of different series over the years.

From the Silver Maple in 2015 and the ReliaBoard Cedar of 2016 to the EasyClean Terrain+ and Tropical Walnut ranges used in the 2017 series, TimberTech composite decking is a seemingly a go-to option for Alan and the Love Your Garden crew.


Love Your Garden Decking

Providing life-changing designs and stunning transformations, the show has a reputation for making dream gardens become a reality. In order to do so, their repeated use of TimberTech as their deck of choice is not only telling of the chosen product's high-quality, but also a reassuring sign for anyone considering a TT deck in future.

Offering ample durability and aesthetic excellence in one amazing product, our TimberTech range is a recurring choice of those in know. With stunning design, low-maintenance qualities and an inherent resistance to a number of environmental demands, TimberTech decking looks good and lasts.

If Alan’s recommendation wasn’t enough, all of our TimberTech products come with either a 25 or 30-year warranty, providing the ultimate guarantee for peace of mind. While plants will come and go, your TimberTech composite decking will be there to last a generation.

What are you waiting for? Give your garden a taste of the nation’s favourite composite decking today and show your garden some love today with the TimberTech decking range from DeckPlus.


If you would like to make your dream garden a reality, why not get in touch today on 0800 028 8756 or drop us a message online using the button below.

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Composite decking offers a wide variety of unique benefits that make it a truly fantastic choice for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor property.

However, revamping your outside space can also be a big commitment to make, taking up time and money. As such, you’re going to want to get it right first time and it’s natural to exercise caution before diving in.

That being said, with caution comes questions and there is a list of common problems, complaints and decking FAQs that arise more often than others.

To remedy these queries, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the most common decking questions to help put your mind at ease before you put your money where your house is.


 decking questions, composite decking problems, decking faqs


Common Decking Questions

Wading through all the myth and hearsay of decking can be a tough task, particularly when there are so many decking companies in the market offering wildly varying results.

While we can’t speak for all composite decking suppliers, we can very much speak for ourselves when it comes to the top-notch quality of DeckPlus products.

Here are a few of the most common queries we get thrown our way with regards to DeckPlus products.


Is composite decking as strong as wood?

In a word – yes.

A common misconception about composite decking is that it isn’t actually wood at all; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

DeckPlus composite decking is actually a combination of natural hardwood and synthetic materials, blended together to offer the best of both worlds.

The result is a wood-look decking board that provides all the allure of wood with enhanced durability and low-maintenance of a plastic deck board.

So, in essence, not only is composite decking just as strong as wood, in many ways, it’s actually even stronger, particularly when it comes to standing the test of time.


Is composite decking slippery?

British weather is habitually damp, commonly characterised by grey skies and soggy downpours. Neither of which are particularly ideal for outdoor enjoyment.

That being said, slippery decking can be a logical concern for any UK resident looking to upgrade their outdoor space. With composite decking from DeckPlus, those concerns can be wiped clean in an instant.

While no deck product can boast 100% slip-proof decking, our composite decking is impressively slip-resistant. Unlike traditional wood, composite decking has an extremely low absorption rate of just 1.2%, retaining virtually none of the water within the boards.

Meanwhile, our capped composite decking takes it a step further with its uber-resistant polymer covering, providing extreme moisture resistance that’s also quick drying. This translates to a stable surface that’s wood-textured for traction and doesn’t pose a slip-hazard.


Does composite decking get hot?

Typical decking products can get extremely hot during extended spells of sun, making it an uncomfortable surface during summertime heatwaves.

This can also be a valid concern for pet-owners – particularly those with dogs – as the hot surface can be just as uncomfortable for them to walk on with exposed paws.

Luckily, our composite decking products provide no such concerns.

Thanks to its reflective, inorganic pigments, each board is specifically engineered to dramatically reduce heat build-up even in the summer sun, providing a cooler surface for all.


Does composite decking last?

When it comes to durability, composite decking is king of the hill. Innately low-maintenance, our composite decking boards are highly resistant to a number of typical decking issues, including stains, fading and abrasions.

In addition to that, composite decking won’t crack or splinter like traditional wood, nor will it warp or bow like plastic. Best of all, it never requires sealing or staining to retain its beautiful finish.

In fact, all of our composite decking boards come with a guarantee, with many of our TimberTech products offering up to 30-year warranty on selected products. As such, it’s safe to say they are built to last.


Is composite decking expensive?

While composite decking may require a little more expenditure in the short term, you really do pay for quality and it’s definitely a worthwhile investment in the long run.

That being said, we have heard the concerns over composite decking price and have answered your call with our budget-friendly DeckPlus products, the EvoDek and WeatherDek ranges.

Designed to offer desirable decking at a more affordable price, our DeckPlus ranges offer all the practicality of composite decking at a far more affordable price.


So, there you have it – a rapid rundown of composite decking queries that will hopefully put your mind at ease, once and for all. If you do have any additional questions, feel free to drop us a line today! Call now on 0800 028 8756 or click the button below to get in touch online.

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As the weather starts to perk up and we begin to get that summer feeling, some of us may feel it’s the perfect time for a garden redesign (yes, we know that rhymed) and creating a new deck area may be just the thing you’re thinking about!

Well, we agree as a well-designed and installed deck offers you and your home a lot of opportunities to not just look good, but to increase the amount of time that you spend in your garden, either by yourself or with family and friends. If this is something that you’re really considering and are up in the air about what sort of deck would look good in your garden, keep reading to find some of the decking trends that 2019 has to offer!

Complementary & Contrasting Colours

One of the great things about decking is that there are usually a bunch of colours that you can choose from. We understand that sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, but with composite decking being such a long-lasting product (up to 30 years with DeckPlus) you’ll want to get your decision right-first-time and having a wide range of colours to choose from is a positive thing in this instance. With that in mind, you have a lot of opportunities to choose colour schemes that are contrasting and stand out or are complementary to your home and its surroundings. Typically, decks have been created from a small pool of natural colours such as browns and greys that often play it safe, but now with more colours available than ever before, you are able to experiment and go bold. Picture framing is a great way of doing this where one colour deck is used for the body of the design and another colour used on the border, creating a visually pleasing look that is sure to stand out amongst others.



It’s very rare that you find gardens that are completely level. In this case, a great way to make use of unlevel surfaces us to create beautiful multi-level decks! By doing so your deck is much more likely to stand out and offers a great way to get around your garden. To add another eye-catching element to your multi-level deck, why not add a glass balustrade or composite handrail to emphasise its unique nature? Get in touch with the DeckPlus team today for more information!  


Product Combinations

Just because you’re looking to re-design your garden with a decked area, it doesn’t mean that you have to strictly stick to decking. We know that may sound confusing but you can actually combine decking with another product such as tiles and paving to create a truly bespoke outdoor space! Below is an example of a garden that has had a multi-level deck installed, complemented with high-quality porcelain paving slabs on the ground and a glass balustrade system for that extra element of safety and style. We think this is a clever and unique way of creating a contemporary deck area that is unlike anything most people have ever seen.


And there you have it, our deck trends of 2019 that are guaranteed to transform your garden area into a thing of beauty. For more garden ideas, be sure to visit our decking inspiration page where we have many more ways that you can spice up your new deck! Be sure to contact the DeckPlus team by hitting the button below for further details on our range of deck boards, ordering your FREE samples or for other enquiries.

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