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£50 - £70 Range

Breathe some life into your outdoor design with the premium design options of our £50 range, offering a variety of quality decking under £70 per m2.

FutureDek Silver Birch
FutureDek Silver Birch
£58.82 (inc VAT)
£50.00m2 (inc VAT)
Silver Maple EasyClean Terrain
Silver Maple EasyClean Terrain
£85.28 (inc VAT)
£72.50m2 (inc VAT)

Our Composite Decking Showcase

Our high-quality composite decking can be used to create all kinds of beautiful, modern outdoor spaces. Whether you combine more than one colour or choose to install your favourite decking shade, the resulting deck will look beautiful and require minimal maintenance.

When you choose our decking, you'll be able to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time worrying about the upkeep of your deck.

Take a look at our showcase video to see for yourself how our composite decking ranges can be used to design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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£50-£70 Composite Deck Boards

£50-£70 Composite Deck Boards

If your budget allows you to branch into territory above the £50 decking range, we also offer a number of other decking options in our £50 to £70 category.

With a variety of decking options available, you can deck out your outside space in style, with superior quality and stunning designs as standard.

Browse this collection now and choose from our range of stunning decking products under £70 per m2.

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Colour ConsistentColour Consistent
Concealoc Hidden FastenerConcealoc Hidden Fastener
Screw FixScrew Fix
Never Requires TreatmentNever Requires Treatment