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After a very long and tiredsome twelve months filled with lockdowns and restrictions, there is finally some light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The UK is leading the world when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and each home nation has outlined its roadmap out of its respective lockdown, allowing Brits to once again meet up with family and friends and enjoy some sort of normality. 

Despite not being back to what we would all consider 'normal', each of the four home nations is now allowing people from different households to meet up outside, including in gardens, which is fantastic news. However, this doesn't mean that all of the hard work that we've all put in over the last year can be forgotten about. We still need to act cautiously and take precautions whenever we can to contain the virus and stop the spread of COVID-19, including when meeting other people in the garden.

So, what can you do when your family and friends come over to visit? Here we look at some of the most important precautions that you should be taking to limit the spread of coronavirus when meeting other people in your garden.


Last summer, a client of ours in Suffolk used EasyClean ReversaDek decking to build this stunning deck:

Garden deck in Suffolk

We love the way our contemporary grey deck boards complement the modern appearance of the property itself.

Grey composite decking in Suffolk

Our ReversaDek boards come with a number of benefits - for one thing, they are capped with a protective polymer sleeve that keeps moisture out, meaning that the deck can be wiped clean.

These unique composite decking boards are also reversible: two sides, two stunning colours!

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If you need some materials for your decking project, please contact the DeckPlus team to discuss your requirements. Or browse our decking range to see what else we have to offer!

Can you believe we're almost at the end of February? We're definitely starting to see some longer, brighter days creeping in, which means spring is well and truly on the way! With drier, warmer days just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for spring 2021. 

If you've taken a look at the Prime Minister's roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions, you'll notice that two households (up to 6 people) will be able to meet outdoors by the end of March. That's not too far away! We're sure you'll want to welcome your friends and family into your garden after months apart, so it's important that your garden is looking its best. Here are a few things you can do to get your garden ready for spring 2021.

deckplus composite decking

Upgrade your old deck

Many homeowners in the UK have an old timber deck that's been quietly rotting and warping in the damp weather for years. People lead busy lifestyles which means sanding, staining, and sealing a timber deck falls to the bottom of a very long list of garden tasks that need to be done. As such, there are a lot of old wooden decks that could be replaced with composite decking to clean the garden up in time for spring. 

If you've read our blog composite decking vs wood deckingyou'll know that composite decking requires much less maintenance than a traditional timber deck. You'll never have to sand, stain, or seal your deck again! But that's not the only benefit:

  • Composite decking is naturally water-resistant, meaning the boards won't rot
  • The colour pigments in composite decking boards don't fade in the sun
  • Composite decking can be washed down with warm soapy water to keep it looking its best

So, if you think your garden would benefit from a deck upgrade, don't hesitate to have a look at the different composite decking ranges that we offer. We're sure we have a syle/shade that will suit your garden perfectly. 

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 lawn care

Look after your lawn 

It's normal for your lawn to look lacklustre as it emerges from winter. The cold temperatures, wet weather, and dark days will stunt your lawn's growth and make it lose its green, luscious appearance.

Don't worry, this is totally normal, but it is important that you get on top of your lawn care before we head into the warmer months to give your lawn the best chance of recovering. 

Here are a few of the lawn care jobs you should do in spring to help your lawn bounce back:

  • Overseeding - this is where you sow a surplus of lawn seeds to help the grass grow thicker. 
  • Topdressing - this involves adding a new layer of soil mixes to the top of your lawn to improve soil quality.
  • Dealing with pests - some pests are especially prevalent during winter, spring is the time to treat them and remove their traces from your lawn.
  • Aeration - this is where you puncture the surface of the lawn to help prevent waterlogging and turf compaction.
  • Scarifying - this is a process that involves removing the dead moss and thatch from the surface of your lawn.
  • Weed treatment - there are a lot of species of weed that can pop up in your lawn during winter, now is the time to treat them.

This might seem like a lot of work, but don't worry, there are lawn care professionals who are more than happy to help you take care of your garden and carry out a spring lawn treatment while you sit back and relax.

composite decking seating area

Spring accessories

If you're planning on entertaining guests in your garden throughout spring, then it's important that you invest in some garden accessories. Here you can see a seating area that's been created using our composite deck boards. This is something you can speak to us about if you'd like to create something similar in your garden. Of course, you could choose a more traditional seating area if this design doesn't take your fancy. 

Other spring accessories that will bring your garden to life are:

  • Planters filled with bright flowers and tasty herbs
  • A BBQ - an essential garden accessory for feeding guests through spring/summer
  • A parasol to provide shade from the spring sunshine
  • A fire pit to keep your guests warm during chilly spring evenings

So there you have it, a few different things for you to think about if you're starting to get your garden ready for spring 2021. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Many UK homeowners have added decks, patios, lighting and flower beds to their outdoor spaces in order to help them get through lockdown - that's according to a recent survey conducted by DeckPlus.

The survey, which received 400 responses, asked: Have you added any of the following to your garden because of the coronavirus lockdown measures? Respondents were given 16 options and allowed to tick any number of answers (including none at all).

Infographic: what have you added to your garden in response to Covid lockdown measures?


will rain damage my deck

With Storm Christoph making its way across the UK, homeowners are wondering how their gardens will hold up. Rain, flooding and even strong winds can have a detrimental impact on your garden, so it's important that you invest in durable garden features that can withstand British weather. 

Will rain ruin my newly stained deck?

If you have a traditional timber deck in your garden, you might be wondering whether the rain will affect the stain you just applied. Well, that all depends on how well your boards are sealed. A stain is good at making timber decking a deeper, richer colour, but it doesn't always do much in terms of making the decking waterproof. Most timber decking providers would recommend that you also apply a coat of sealant to protect your boards from the rain. 

So, yes, it's likely that your newly stained deck will be ruined by the rain if you haven't properly sealed it. Rainwater is slightly acid, and over time, it will seep into your wooden boards and break down the sealant and stain that you painstakingly applied - that's why it needs to be re-applied annually! 

A water-resistant alternative

We know what you're thinking, that sounds like a LOT of work. And you're right. A traditional timber deck is a lot of work and if you want it to look good all year round you need to be prepared to put the time in. 

If you're thinking about finding a water-resistant alternative to traditional timber decking, then you've come to the right place. Here at DeckPlus, we offer a wide variety of composite decking that's manufactured with water resistance in mind.

How is composite decking made?

For those of you who aren't familiar with how our composite decking is made, we combine wood flour with a polymer resin and (for some of our ranges) finish the board off with an additional polymer sleeve. This makes our boards very impermeable to water, which is great for gardens here in the UK where rain clouds can appear at any moment! Composite decking won't need staining or sealing, the polymer resin keeps it looking bright and beautiful whatever the weather.

You might be thinking that boards made with polymer must look cheap and plasticky. That's where you're wrong. We've worked really hard with our manufacturers to create composite decking that has a real-wood look and finish, so you really can have the best of both worlds. A beatiful deck that's more than capable of standing up to the elements.

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If you're interested in replacing your old wooden deck with a durable deck, take a look at our range of composite decking. It's sure to withstand whatever the British weather throws at it and will last you a lifetime.

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how is composite decking made

While many people know that composite decking is a beautiful, long-lasting alternative to traditional wood decking, few people know how composite deck boards are made. As the name suggests "composite" decking is made up of more than one element. Where traditional timber decking is made purely of wood, composite decking is made using a combination of hardwood fibres, polymer resin. The resulting boards offer superior strength, water-resistance and durability! Let's look a little bit closer at the way our composite decking is manufactured here at DeckPlus...

Our eco-friendly manufacturing process

One of the biggest misconceptions about composite decking is that it's bad for the environment because it contains plastics. In reality, the opposite is true! As outlined on our Eco-Friendly Decking page, a large proportion of the raw materials that make DeckPlus composite decking are recycled.

The wood fibres that we use are made using cut-offs of wood that would've otherwise ended up in landfill, and the plastics we use come from post-industrial and post-consumer sources. All of our composite decking is made responsibly so that we can offer you an eco-friendly alternative to timber decking. 

You're probably thinking, how can timber decking be worse for the environment than composite - it's completely natural. Well, yes. Timber decking is completely natural, but herein lies the problem. In order for timber decking to be manufactured, thousands of trees are cut down each year, most of which are in tropical rainforests and other similar settings. Our composite decking doesn't contribute to deforestation and instead gives discarded wood a new lease of life!

How are composite deck boards made?

There are two different ways that composite deck boards can be made, by extrusion or by compression moulding.


The two main elements, wood fibres and polymer resin are combined with lubricants, foaming agents and colourant before being fed into an extrusion machine to create the desired shape. This method creates one long composite deck board on a conveyor belt that can be cut down to the required lengths later. 

Compression moulding

Compression moulding is slightly different. Instead of feeding the raw materials into an extrusion machine, manufacturers tip the materials into a wood grain mould and compress them under extreme heat and pressure. This heat and pressure creates a strong physical bond that gives the boards their shape.

Different kinds of composite decking

Composite decking doesn't just come in one shape or size, you will see from the variety of ranges we offer on our website that composite decking can be hollow, solid, capped or uncapped. Each of these board types has its own unique qualities that make it suitable for different designs and budgets. 


Hollow composite deckinglike the boards in our EvoDek and FutureDek ranges, are perfect for homeowners that need a lightweight, budget-friendly option. Since these boards are made using less material, we can supply them at a lower price. The unique design of our hollow boards means that you're not compromising on structural integrity. 

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Capped composite decking benefits from an additional polymer sleeve on top of the durable composite boards. This helps to make the boards highly-resistant to moisture and also preserves the colour and wood-grain finish for longer.

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Whichever DeckPlus composite decking you choose, you can rest assured that it's been made responsibly and will last you for years to come. Take a look at our full range of decking, or give us a call on 0800 028 8756 to find out more. 

decking 2020

At the beginning of 2020, no one could've predicted the year would pan out how it did. Swathes of the country have been (and still are) in and out of lockdowns to slow the spread of COVID-19, which means more people are spending time at home than ever before.

For a while during summer, gardens were the only place we could meet up with friends and family, so this year has really made people think about their outdoor spaces and how they can be improved. Unsurprisingly, there's a direct correlation between the number of people at home and the number of people adding decking to their gardens! Many of these people didn't have the time to consider a full-scale garden renovation, but now they have plenty of time to design and install the deck of their dreams.

But is this the only reason that so many people have added decking to their garden this year?

Hottest summer on record

While lockdowns have inspired people to turn their attention towards their gardens, they're not the only reason that decking installations have rocketed this year. The three months between June and August were recorded as "the hottest meteorological summer on record, surpassing both 2019 and 2016 which were previously tied for hottest" - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

We already know that hot weather gets people out in their gardens, so it's no surprise that this heatwave led to more decking purchases. Our composite decking is a great investment for summer because it doesn't get too hot underfoot.

Timber decking has a tendency to get unbearably hot when the sun's out, with composite decking you won't have to worry about popping out barefoot even on the hottest days. Even your furry friends will enjoy laying out on it to sunbathe...

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Will decking still be popular in 2021?

We're all hopeful that a vaccine will help us get out lockdown during 2021, but it's definitely possible that our gardens will be used as safe spaces to meet up with the vulnerable for a little while at least! Our gardens have seen all kinds of family gatherings, including weddings, which has helped people realise how important their outdoor spaces can be during a time of crisis. 

On top of this, people are still unsure whether they'll be able to go abroad over the next year and are instead thinking about making improvements at home. Not having a vacation doesn't feel so bad when your staycation is just as good!

For these reasons, we expect garden renovations (including decking installations) to stay on the rise for a little while longer as we move into 2021.

Have you been thinking about improving your garden over the last year? We offer a wide range of composite decking to suit different designs and budgets. Give your garden a little pick-me-up and shop our composite decking now!

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By installing a deck to your property, you introduce a myriad of endless possibilities that you can use it for, as well as gaining a host of benefits that come with it. These include adding value to your home, creating an additional space to relax, entertain guests or dine with the family and making your outdoor space look more homely and inviting. 

However, just like any other type of interior or exterior design, the look of your deck needs to be the right one and match the rest of your home. For those of you who lean towards a more modern-looking home and outside area, installing a contemporary deck is what you'll want to go for.

Now, some of you may be wondering what a contemporary decking design even looks like. So, to avoid any confusion, we're going to run through a few contemporary decking ideas that you can use to take your outdoor area to the next level. 


Covered decking 

The first contemporary decking idea that you can add to your property is a covered deck. This is, of course, a traditional decked area which is covered by an outdoor structure such as an awning, veranda or sunroom. For us that live here in the UK, this offers a great way to enjoy your garden throughout the whole year, as a suitable cover will help to fight against the elements when needed. Whether that's shelter from the rain during the winter or shade from the sun during the summer, a well-designed covered deck can allow you to enjoy your garden all-year-round.


Combining paving with decking 

Another creative way that you can create a contemporary decking area is to combine paving with deck boards. Typically, you'll find a garden has either a deck or a patio area, but very rarely do you see the two combined. This can be a result of either a lack of imagination from homeowners or simply down to simple reasons such as space and budget. However, by installing a decked area in your garden that doubles down as a patio, you are guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who comes to visit. 

As our composite decking is the perfect low-maintenance deck option, it would make sense to choose a similar paving product. Porcelain paving is a perfect choice here as it also offers extremely low upkeep requirements with high resistance to fading, scratching and abrasions. Meaning your new contemporary deck will last a long time without the need for constant care and attention.


Deck planters 

For those of you who enjoy gardening and caring for plants and flowers, there's a simple way for you to incorporate your hobby into your deck's design and that is through planters! Deck planters use the same deck boards that you install for your main deck, to create beautifully-matching spaces where you can grow flowers, plants or vegetables. This is a nifty contemporary decking idea that aims to combine your outdoor design with an element of practicality, providing you with an extra reason to spend more time in your newly-designed outdoor space. Even though planters are often planned in the initial deck design, they are also a great way to make use of any extra deck boards that you have laying around once your main deck is installed! 


Multi-level decks 

The final contemporary decking idea that you can utilise to bring some life to your garden is a multi-level deck. Here, your deck is designed to incorporate multiples levels as opposed to just one, which is what you would typically find in a garden that has a deck. By adding a multi-level deck, you create a somewhat optical illusion in that it adds to the aesthetic paradigm of your garden, making it look multi-faceted instead of plain and simple. 

A great benefit of a multi-level deck is that it creates an opportunity for you to house different areas of your garden. For example, when you walk out of your home and onto your deck, you can have an open area that spills onto the rest of the garden. You can then add a set of deck steps which takes you to a lower level where your main seating area or even a pool or hot tub. The ideas are endless! 

These are just a handful of contemporary decking ideas that you can use to inspire your new, modern-looking outdoor space! You can even combine them to create the ultimate contemporary garden. 

Create your contemporary decking today! 

If you'd like to take the first steps to create your contemporary outdoor space with a new deck, then please do not hesitate to contact the DeckPlus team. Our experienced and professional decking experts can help you every step of the way. From initial ideas to planning and installation, we are only one call away from bringing your garden dreams to life! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today. 

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If you're considering a garden redesign that includes a shiny new composite deck and have a furry little friend as part of the family, you'll want to know whether they'll be able to safely walk on it. There'll be absolutely no point in spending the required time and money on installing a new deck if you later find out your cat is unable to walk on it. Especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors during the warmer months! 

There's no need to panic, however, because composite decking is completely cat-friendly and allows all members of your family to walk across the deck boards worry-free and here are a few reasons why...

Cat on Composite Decking


Fantastic Slip-Resistance

One of the great advantages of composite decking is its incredible slip-resistant properties. This makes it a puuuurfect choice for your cat as you'll never have to worry about them running and slipping away. Especially if you have a raised deck which can lead to some nasty and unwanted accidents.

Thanks to the protective polymer sleeve that is wrapped around our composite deck boards during the manufacturing process, not only will your new deck be slip-resistant, it will also deter scratches and abrasions. Meaning you'll also need not to worry about your cat scratching up your deck when they do walk or run across your boards - catastic! 


Cool Composite

We know that one thing a cat loves to do is to lounge around and relax near their owners. If you plan on spending a lot of your spare time in your outdoor space during the summer months, then you'll want a deck that can accommodate everyone, including your cat! 

Well, composite deck boards are created through a special process that means they will stay cool even on the hottest of summer days, so your cat can join you for those days of sunbathing in the garden.


Wipe Clean

Thanks to the protective polymer sleeve that is wrapped around our composite deck boards, not only are they scratch and slip-resistant but they also offer extremely low upkeep requirements, which means that any mess that is spilt or dropped on your deck can be easily cleaned - including presents left by your cat (if you know what we mean)!

Cleaning your composite deck will never be a chore as it only requires a quick jet wash once or twice a year, meaning you and your cat will have far more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your deck and less time cleaning it. 

So, if you're stuck asking yourself if cats can walk on composite decking, the answer is yes! Cats can definitely walk on composite deck boards as well as many other things.

If you're interested in ordering some samples of our cat-friendly deck boards, simply click below! For more information on our decking, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the DeckPlus team today.

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composite decking myths

Composite decking has been an outdoor living favourite for over 20 years, but despite its popularity, there are still lots of myths floating around the internet which completely put people off from buying it. In this blog, we take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about composite deking to show you why composite decking is a great choice for any home. 

1. Composite decking requires a lot of maintenance

This is something that people often think, but it simply isn't true. It's easy to understand why someone who's only ever experienced timber decking would believe that any kind of deck would be high maintenance, but that's where composite and timber decks differ. 

Natural timber decks require a lot of work if you want to maintain their structure and colour. Left without a stain or sealant treatment, timber boards can suffer from water ingress, start to fade and eventually crack and split. This creates an unsightly (and quite often dangerous) surface that would undoubtedly put anyone off having a deck installed again. To keep a timber deck looking its best, an annual sand, stain and seal treatment is required. 

In comparison, composite decking requires a fraction of the work to keep it looking pristine. Designed with a durable polymer coating, the colour and texture of composite decking is preserved without demanding a rigorous maintenance routine. For that reason, composite decking is actually a great upgrade if you want to move away from high-maintenance timber decking. 

2. Composite decking has an unnatural, plastic finish?

If you've never seen composite decking up close, then you might believe the myth that composite decking looks unnatural. Before we explain how composite decking is manufactured to look just like real wood, we want to give you the opportunity to see our beautifully wood-like composite decking for yourself.

Order a sample here >

composite decking close up

When composite decking first hit the market 20 years ago, it did gain a bit of a reputation for having a 'plastic' or 'unnatural' look. Nowadays, we use more advanced manufacturing processes to create composite decking boards with a realistic wood effect. Now you can choose from a huge selection of wood grains and colours that look just as natural as real wood. 

3. Composite decking is not eco-friendly

When people find out that composite decking is made using a combination of wood and plastic, they instantly assume that it's not an eco-friendly option, but here at DeckPlus, we are dedicated to making our decking in a sustainable way.

Some decking companies may use newly-manufactured materials to create their composite decking, but we use reclaimed materials from other production sites to create composite decking that's environmentally friendly. Most of the plastic and wood fibres that go into DeckPlus composite decking are waste materials from other industries, that would otherwise have been sent to landfills. 

We work to strict regulations and guidelines that monitor the emissions we produce, and we even recycle the water that's used to cool the deck boards as they travel down the production line so that every part of the manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible. 

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So now you know the truth about these composite decking myths, we hope you can make a more informed decision about your decking purchase! If you have any further questions about our composite decking, our experienced sales team are happy to help you. Call us on 0800 028 8756