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capped composite decking

When browsing our range of composite decking you've probably noticed that we offer 'capped' and 'uncapped' options. When coming across these decking variations for the first time, you may not know what the difference is. Today we're going to take a closer look at capped composite decking to find out what it is, what it means and how it compares to uncapped decking options. 

What does capped composite decking mean?

Capped composite decking means that the core of the deck board is protected from the elements by a water-resistant polymer sleeve. Capped composite decking features an inner core made of recycled wood fibre that's sealed on all edges to prevent water ingress. The 'capped' nature of these boards means that the boards have a much longer life expectancy than other types of composite decking. 

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Why choose capped composite decking?

There are many reasons that you might choose capped composite decking over uncapped composite decking! Capped composite decking, with its polymer sleeve, is designed with durability in mind. The polymer sleeve does an amazing job of keeping water out of the composite core, meaning the likelihood of rotting, splitting and splintering is incredibly low.

You won't need to take on a complex maintenance regime to keep your capped composite boards looking good, all they need is a quick wipe down with soapy water! The unique properties of capped composite decking make it perfect for use in challenging areas of your garden, eg. around a pond or hot tub!

One of our favourite capped composite decking options is our EasyClean Edge+ Sea Salt Grey composite decking, which offers a gorgeous contemporary feel to any outdoor space.

Is uncapped composite decking bad?

Absolutely not! Uncapped composite decking may not have a polymer sleeve, but it is designed to be highly resistant to fading, staining and abrasion. Some people prefer uncapped composite decking over capped composite decking because it has a rough, slip-resistant texture that looks very similar to real wood. 

If you want to give uncapped composite decking a try, we'd recommend looking at our WeatherDek Aged Oak decking. It looks and feels just like vintage wood, perfect for traditional gardens. 

How do you install capped composite decking?

The capped composite decking we offer here at DeckPlus comes in two different profiles, grooved and ungrooved, this means there are two different options when it comes to installation.

concealoc fasteners

Our grooved capped composite deck boards can be installed using our CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners, a firm favourite with homeowners who want that 'perfect' finish. These fastenings are installed in along the grooves of the boards, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly clip your new capped composite deck together. 

toploc fasteners

The more traditional way of installing capped composite decking is to use screws that are drilled directly into the boards, also known as TOPLoc Screws. We carry these screws in a wide range of colours to make sure that your fixtures match your capped composite decking perfectly. 

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Hopefully this gives you an insight into what capped composite decking means. If you have any questions about our capped composite decking options, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0800 028 8756.

We're always saying that you can do all sorts of wonderful things with DeckPlus composite decking, and here's a fantastic example.

Deck banquette seating

This customer used our EasyClean ReversaDek decking boards to create a very stylish outdoor banquette (pictured above). This sturdy bench has a curved design that's very smooth and very modern - we think it looks fantastic!

Because this seating area was constructed using our sturdy composite deck boards, the banquette will last for years with virtually no maintenance at all. ReversaDek decking comes with a 20 year guarantee - see our warranty page for more information.

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Looking for more decking ideas?

This grey deck banquette seating area is just the tip of the iceberg!

We've got plenty more deck inspiration where this came from - visit our Deck Inspiration gallery and see if it doesn't get your cogs turning!

Thinking of adding a deck to your garden? Give DeckPlus a call on 0800 028 8756 to discuss your ideas and request a quotation!

Looking after a timber deck can be really hard work. When neglected, timber decking quickly starts to deteriorate, discolour and even rot. Eventually, you'll look outside and wish you'd taken better care of it, but without completely replacing the deck, there's very little you can do to salvage it. Here are a few things you should look out for that indicate when it's time to have your timber deck replaced:

  • Significant damage to the deck boards 
  • Deck boards that are bowing
  • Cracks and splinters in one or more board
  • Obvious discolouration (either from sun fade or weathering)
  • Rusty or missing hardware

If you spot one or more of these problems on your timber deck, then we'd highly recommend considering a replacement deck. Of course, if you want to avoid ending up in this position again, you should consider a more durable, long-lasting option like composite decking. Unlike timber decking, composite decking is designed with a hardy polymer sleeve. This sleeve keeps moisture out of the boards, prevents rot and preserves the colour and finish of the deck boards for up to 30 years

Here's a customer who recently got in touch with Lock Garden Services, and asked for their unstable timber deck to be replaced with our sturdy composite decking! We're so pleased with how this deck replacement turned out. 

Complete Decking Replacement

old decking

The old timber deck, prior to deck replacement

This old wooden deck was in serious need of a makeover. You can see quite clearly how moisture has seeped into the wood and created dark, rotting and uneven spots. Any varnish or sealant that was on the decking has come off completely, leaving the exposed wood boards susceptible to damage from the elements. I think we can all agree that a new deck was in order for this client!

Lock Gardening Services provided this customer with a new decking structure and a full set of WeatherDeck Aged Oak composite deck boards, transforming their shabby old deck into a tranquil seating area. 

replacement deck

WeatherDek Aged Oak replacement deck

Wow, just look at the difference our WeatherDek Aged Oak composite decking has made to this space! This looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a book on a sunny afternoon, don't you think? The statement feature of these homeowners' replacement deck is the wrought iron gate hung from oak posts. This provides the seating area with additional privacy and complements the weathered oak finish of their new deck perfectly. Here's how it looked before the garden furniture was added.

New deck with cast iron gate

Replacing your old timber deck boards with composite decking is really a no-brainer. We're sure that this homeowner will get much more use out of this cosy garden space now that their deck isn't looking worse for wear. Better still, their WeatherDek composite decking comes with a 10-year warranty, so should any problems occur between now and then, we've got it covered!

Ready to replace your deck boards?

If you're ready to swap your old wooden deck for a composite decking replacement, then look no further. We offer a wide range of composite deck boards in different colours and finishes, so we're sure to have something that suits your taste. Shop our full range of composite decking and start your own garden transformation today!

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Replacing DeckPlus deck boards

Should you ever need to replace one of your DeckPlus composite deck boards, we have a complete guide to help you through the process. Don't worry, in most cases, you won't need to rip the entire deck up from its foundations to resolve a problem, our boards can be interchanged with ease.

If you have any questions about our composite deck boards, or the process required to replace your decking, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can drop us an email -, or fill in our enquiry form here

Deck with firepit

We've got a great little decking project to share with you today. A local homeowner wanted to get more use out of their garden, and they decided that our low-maintenance deck boards would help them to achieve this.


composite decking expand and contract

Here in the UK, it can be blazing sunshine one minute and freezing frost the next. As such, the features you have in your garden need to be able to withstand the constantly changing conditions! 

The problem with real wood

The reason why real wood is known for being terrible at coping with changing weather conditions is that it absorbs so much water!

Unless you commit to keeping your real wood decking properly sealed (which takes a lot of work, annually) then you can guarantee that it will take on water and suffer the consequences sooner or later. Once the wooden boards have taken on water, they are susceptible to damage from significant temperature rises and drops.

If the water inside the deck boards freezes, it expands - causing the boards to splinter and crack. In unusually warm temperatures residual moisture in the boards evaporates quickly causing the boards to contract.


garden party

Lockdown has been challenging for people up and down the country, but now, we are in a transitionary phase where restrictions are easing. With that in mind, more and more people are heading into their gardens to see their loved ones. The conditions are perfect, sunshine, fresh air and plenty of space to maintain social distancing.

But how many people can you have in your garden at once? Can you get the whole family round? Well, the guidelines differ depending on where you are in the UK. The restrictions in England look slightly different from those in Scotland and Wales for example.


If you're looking to add a new deck to your outdoor space, one of the questions you're most likely to ask is "how long will the colour last?" or "will the colour fade?" With some deck boards costing in the thousands, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask, as the last thing you'd want is to spend a lot of money on a deck that will begin to look aged and tired after only a few years. 

Well, with the rise in popularity of composite decking over the last couple of decades and traditional wood decking known to fade, a lot of people are now asking "does composite decking fade?" The experts at DeckPlus are here to let you know! 

Does Composite Decking Fade


Grey decking with lights

A customer of ours got in touch yesterday to share some stunning photos of the deck that he recently added to his property. This deck was created using our EasyClean Edge Maritime Grey composite decking boards.


Introducing our new, extra-wide EvoDek+ Grey decking boards!

Wide decking boards

We've added a new product to the DeckPlus range: EvoDek+ Grey, a superbly stylish option that's ideal for modern gardens!

These cost-effective boards are hollow and feature an exquisitely textured surface that's every bit as beautiful as real wood.

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As you know, one of the many great benefits of composite decking is its fantastic slip-resistant properties, making it a perfect choice to use outdoors, especially surrounding pools and hot tubs. Over the years, we have seen several gorgeous outdoor areas created using a combination of composite decking around swimming pools, helping homeowners create not only a low-maintenance space but one that is safe for all guests, particularly when they are coming in and out of a pool! 

We are therefore extremely excited to share with you some incredible images of our latest swimming pool decking project in a home located in Penarth, South Wales. Here, the homeowner of this gorgeous property has opted to use our fantastic EasyClean FutureDek Silver Birch composite decking, an extremely popular choice amongst many people looking to redesign their outdoor space. You can see the journey of this project below: