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Today is the first day of spring and while, for many of us, the following weeks will see the children at home and normal life at a standstill, you can still take advantage of the great outdoors to keep your children entertained.

With lighter evenings on the horizon and temperatures starting to creep up, you should use this time with your children to explore lots of games and activities in the garden. We've put together a list of our favourite garden activities for children to inspire you to keep things interesting at this challenging time.

1. Make your own bird feeder

Over the next few weeks, birds will be building new nests and laying their eggs which means there'll be lots of little birds around. With these extra little mouths to feed, now is a great time to get the kids involved with making a bird feeder. 

You can really get creative with this and use a bunch of different things that are laying around the house, but one of the simplest DIY bird feeders can be made using an old plastic bottle and an old plate. You can see how to do it below:

Once your new bird feeder is all set up, you can perch on your chairs and see which little birdies pay you a visit! This is a garden activity that will keep both mum, dad and the kids enjoying nature for weeks to come. Just remember to top up the bird seed periodically.

2. Growing vegetables or flowers

child with plant pot

If you have plant pot or a decking planter and some compost freely available, then a great activity for children is growing something in the garden. Whether you plant a beautiful species of flower or some delicious fruits and vegetables is up to you! 

Your children can be in charge of watering the plants and checking that they're growing over the coming weeks. They might even get a tasty treat from mother nature out of it, making their garden efforts all worthwhile!

3. Build a bee hotel

Much like the little birds, bees will be coming out to pay us a visit over the next few weeks. Now is a great time to educate your children about the importance of bees in our ecosystem, and what better way to help them out than by building a bee hotel.

Building a bee hotel might sound like something that you need a civil engineering degree for, but trust us, it's simple!

Potter around your home and garden and see if you can gather:

  • A terracotta plant pot or similar container
  • Some straws or hollow sticks and twigs (bamboo works great)
  • Some modelling clay
  • String

The goal with your bee hotel is to create nooks and crannies for the bees to nest in, again, you and the children can really get creative with this one. 

bee exploring bamboo

The basic method is:

1. Trim the straws or sticks so they sit comfortably inside your plant pot. You can make more than one bundle of varying lengths if you like!

2. Using a length of string, tie your sticks together so they aren't likely to fall out or move around as the bees explore your hotel. 

3. Press some modelling clay into the base of your plant pot, and use it to adhere the bundle to the bottom of the pot. 

4. Add any other extras you like and pop your bee hotel somewhere quiet in the garden.

You and the kids can keep an eye on the bee hotel and watch the fuzzy friends buzzing in and out all day long!

4. Treasure hunt

treasure hunt

It's not quite time for the annual Easter egg hunt yet, but there are plenty of other treasure hunts you could set up in the garden for your little ones. Why not hide a selection of their favourite toys and create a simple treasure map to get them out in the fresh air for a few hours?

This is a great one if you have more than one child at home at the moment because it gets them either working together or working competitively - both of which are great fun!

We hope this gives you some good ideas to keep the little ones occupied over the next few weeks. Just make sure that you and your children wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when you come back inside. Whether you're self-isolating or not, getting out in the garden and on to your decking is a safe and fun way to keep the children engaged and happy over the coming weeks!

Did you see our FutureDek EasyClean Silver Birch composite decking in last night’s episode of Love Your Garden? You can learn all about Kirsty, her remarkable story and the difference that her brand-new garden and decking will make here.

Kirsty’s Story

This Love Your Garden project was in aid of Kirsty and her twins Phoebe and Sam who tragically lost their husband/father Kevin after he suffered a brain aneurysm on New Year’s Day. Kirsty made the brave decision to have Kevin’s organs donated to others in need, and finds comfort in the fact that Kevin has helped save the lives of countless other people.

Kirsty and her daughter Phoebe both have an inherited hereditary condition called Stickler syndrome which can cause problems with vision, hearing and movement. Without her husband Kevin around to help, Kirsty is battling her disabilities to care for her two little ones single-handedly. She is unable to drive and struggles with limited vision and hearing, so she loves to keep the twins entertained at home or in local outdoor spaces whenever she can.

With the strength and courage that Kirsty has shown over recent years, we were only too happy to contribute our FutureDek EasyClean composite decking to her Love Your Garden transformation. The new garden has helped create a safe space for the children to play and a comforting environment for Kirsty to remember her late husband, Kevin.  

The Garden Before the Transformation

Kirsty and the twins recently moved from a flat into a house with a garden, but the garden was in desperate need of some work! Phoebe’s condition means she needs a safe and sensory garden to explore with her twin brother Sam.

There was a large space outside the back door which the Love Your Garden team wanted to transform using our FutureDek EasyCleancomposite decking, a TimberTech composite rail and a SunSpaces Aspire veranda & awning. Let’s take a look at the finished results…

The Finished Results

Our FutureDek EasyClean composite decking offers a gorgeous wood-like finish with a silver/grey two-tone effect, making it visually more appealing than traditional brown decking. Boasting unbeatably low-maintenance properties, Kirsty will never need to paint, seal or stain this deck so she can spend more time enjoying her new garden and spending time with the little ones!

The Love Your Garden team complemented the new deck with a composite handrail and a veranda from SunSpaces, separating the two gorgeous spaces and keeping Kirsty and the twins safe and secure and out of the rain at all times. With their new garden, they’ll be able to spend quality time outdoors all year round.

Further down the garden, Alan and his team added a brightly coloured slide for the youngsters, another sensory seating area and an array of different plants to really bring Kirsty’s garden to life.

We’ve loved being a part of this transformation, and we hope Kirsty and the twins will enjoy their new garden for years to come!

If you’d like to learn more about our FutureDek EasyClean composite decking, or if you’d like to speak to us about a garden transformation of your own, get in touch now.

Incorporating a built-in planter into your garden deck design is the perfect final touch, and when filled with plants, a planter can provide a boost of colour in the spring and summer months.

With warmer weather just around the corner, you may be looking for a unique way to spruce up your outdoor space. Adding planters to your deck adds an extra dimension to your garden's architecture - if you're already thinking of re-doing your decking for the summer, why not add deck planters for a dramatic way of making the most of your garden?

Grey garden deck with flowers in deck planter

What are deck planters?

Deck planters are like large plant pots that are built into your deck. Often raised, when planted with flowers and other plants they can add a vibrant splash of colour in the summer months.

These planters can be constructed from any wood, but we'd recommend using composite decking boards to make sure your planters last longer and don't rot over time.

For a sleek modern look, DeckPlus can create deck planters that match your decking with our range of composite decking materials. As our deck planters are built-in, it also means you don't have to lift heavy terracotta pots, or potentially face breakages and damage from frost that can come with traditional ceramic plant pots.

What plants can grow in deck planters?

With the correct care, many different plants can thrive in a planter. Containers can be beneficial for some plants as they provide built-in draining. This is especially good news if your garden is prone to waterlogged soil, or if you have particularly dry areas of your garden that frequently dry out.

As deck planters are typically fed with compost, they can provide an ideal place for bedding plants to grow without the fuss of checking whether the soil in your garden is appropriate.

Flowers in deck planters

When looking for flowers to plant, the focus is more on the conditions of your garden than anything else. Factors like how much sun your garden gets and how hot your local climate is can really impact what grows in your garden.

On the whole, though, we'd recommend bedding flowers such as geraniums, petunias and fuchsias for an easy way to add colour. Plant these in May to guarantee a frost-free planting. While there's little threat of frost damage to deck planters, especially those built from composite decking materials, cold weather may damage or even kill your flowering summer plants.

Garden flowers

Planting trees in deck planters

It's not just flowers that you can grow in deck planters - even trees can grow in these containers! Think smaller trees like olive, bay and Japanese maple - sadly, you're not going to fit an oak tree on your garden deck, but these smaller trees can bring the same natural beauty to your outdoor living space.

If you live in one of the warmer parts of the UK, palms are a great option that can add a modern, tropical feel to your garden. Sleek composite decking pairs perfectly with palms, transforming your back garden into a contemporary, sociable outdoor space.

Decking bench with planter and tree

Other plants such as shrubs and herbs are also great, long-lasting options for deck planters. Adding a planter to your deck gives you the perfect place to create a little herb garden - ideal for seasoning your summer BBQs! Herbs like rosemary and mint are perfect for containers; they can spread like wildfire, so containing them is a great solution!

Caring for the plants in your deck planter

Using containers is an easy way to add style to your garden, but care is required to ensure your deck planters look their best when filled with flowers. Watering your plants is essential, especially in the summer months; you may even have to water them twice in one day in particularly hot, dry weather. Even if it rains, make sure that there's enough moisture in your planters. You don't want to dry them out.

Luckily, if you use water-resistant composite deck boards to build your planters, you can water your plants without fear of water damage or rot!

If you'd like to add a deck (with built-in planters) to your garden, DeckPlus can help - contact us today to discuss your project with one of our composite decking experts!

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If you're a pet parent to a gorgeous little pooch then you'll want to make sure your garden suitable for them. There's absolutely no point installing garden features that are going to be destroyed by the dog in a matter of months. While you might not be able to stop them from digging up the flower beds, rolling in the mud or chewing on the grass, you can install composite decking! Here's why...

Cooling Composite

One thing that pooches love to do in summer is sunbathing. They'll head to the nearest patch of sunshine and plonk themselves down for a good few hours, enjoying every second without a care in the world... (oh to be a dog!) Our composite decking is designed to stay cool even during the hottest days, absorbing minimal heat. This means it's great for doggy daydreaming!

Slip Resistance

Have you ever seen a dog go sliding across a slippery patio or a sludgy muddy lawn after a heavy bout of rain? Well, with composite decking, you won't have to worry. Even the most excitable dog will be steady as they charge across the garden.

We know what you're thinking, surely a pooch running across a deck is going to leave some scratches or abrasions... but no! DeckPlus composite decking is capped with a polymer sleeve that's highly scratch-resistant. 

Even with frequent use, you can rest assured that your composite deck will look great for years to come because we offer great warranties on all of our decking ranges! 


Letting your pooch out for a wee is a necessity and something that you need to think about when you're renovating your garden. Of course, nothing is going to soak up urine quite like lawn, but you're left with unsightly yellow stains where your dog has done their business.

The polymer sleeve that will protect your new deck from claw marks will also prevent liquids (or solids) from soaking into and staining your new deck boards. Simply wipe or powerwash your decking down once the do-do has been done and your deck will be good to go. 

So, if you're a dog owner looking for a new deck, look no further! DeckPlus composite decking will be a welcome addition for you and your furry friend.

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If you're lucky enough to live in the UK and have a flat roof that you can take advantage of when the weather allows it, but choose not to, then a deck may be the PERFECT thing to change your mind! 

Installing a composite deck from DeckPlus on your flat roof not only offers a fantastic flooring option that is suited to all weather conditions but a flooring option that is easy to install and will last the test of time with warranties up to 30 years. 

If you are planning on installing a deck onto a flat roof, however, there are a few things that need to be considered before-hand, including your roof's construction. There are several types of flat roof construction, typically, these are:

  • Inverted roof systems 
  • Mastic asphalt 
  • Layered asphalt 
  • Concrete 

A deck installed on each of these roof types requires its own installation method. Here are some recommendations that you can follow if thinking about installing a deck on your flat roof.

Inverted Roofs

Many of these roof systems contain a top layer of PVC. It is not advised for this layer to be in direct contact with any rubber products that could help with installation (such as TimberTech EasyFix). Therefore the use of additional supports such as roof tiles is recommended to separate the PVC and rubber products. The has the added benefit of distributing the load over a greater surface area.


Mastic Asphalt Roof 

As a result of these roofs being 'soft', it becomes necessary to spread the load placed on them. This is achieved again by installing a supporting product such as a roof tile in between rubber products and the asphalt.


Layered Asphalt or Concrete Roof

If a concrete roof is finished with a PVC-based water-proofing then rubber support products will be required to be isolated from the PVC asphalt roofing felt with a roof tile.


TimberTech EasyFix Shoes 

These rubber supports are designed for use with floating decks on concrete slab areas - particularly roof terraces, balconies, flat roofs, paved areas and around swimming pools and hot tubs. EasyFix shoes have been used on a number of prestigious developments in the UK, offering a variety of benefits such as:

  • Allowing a deck to float on concrete slabs eliminating the need to mechanically fix the slab with a resultant danger of piercing weatherproof membrane. 
  • Easily levelled using associated packers. 
  • Creates a moisture barrier between slab and deck battens. 
  • Improves drainage on slabs as deck battens are raised. 
  • Removes chances of timber battens sitting in standing water.
  • Effective acoustic-limiting properties - ideal if you have living accommodation under the decked area.
  • Easy to install! 


Installing Deck on a Flat Roof Tips

  1. Choose what height timber batten to use, paying close attention to the height of any existing door threshold. 
  2. Push-fit EasyFix shoes at gaps of 400mm down the length of timber battens (8 per m2 recommended).
  3. Layout timber battens.
  4. Allow expansion gaps of 10-15mm between each length of timber batten if more than one length required.
  5. Fix a timber batten noggin at intervals of 1.2m
  6. Use EasyFix packers to assist with levelling the deck


Installing your deck on a flat roof is really that simple! For more information or guidance on how to install your new composite deck boards on your flat roof, be sure to contact the DeckPlus team today! 

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Preparing for Spring

Getting your garden ready for spring is an activity that we always recommend you start early. Honestly, you'll blink and we'll be in April! So, how's your garden looking right now? Is it in need of a bit of TLC? We can help.

Major Renovations 

Holding off until the weather gets a bit warmer makes sense if you're talking about hosting a BBQ or getting out the paddling pool. However, if you want to get any major renovations underway, now's the time to make a start.

Whether you want to add a stylish new sunroom to your garden or replace the old wooden deck, you need to allow enough time for the work to be completed if you're planning to enjoy the fruits of your labour in only a couple months time. 

If you've decided it's time to ditch the old deck and get a new one installed in time for spring - you've come to the right place. We offer a huge selection of composite deck boards that will look great in your outdoor space. Our decking oozes charm and looks just like real wood - but will require a tiny fraction of the maintenance.

This makes us the perfect choice if you want to enjoy your garden throughout spring, into summer and beyond without having to worry about crazy amounts of upkeep!

Why not order a selection of composite decking samples to see which style suits your aesthetic most? You can choose two different shades or ranges and have your samples delivered straight to your door.

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Cleaning Your Decking

If you're lucky enough to have a DeckPlus deck installed in your garden already, then now's the time to turn your attention to the cleaning. Don't worry, as we've mentioned, DeckPlus composite decking is incredibly low-maintenance, so this portion of the spring-time preparations shouldn't take too long! 

We recommend giving your deck a sweep to remove and dried-on dirt that may have accumulated during winter. You could even get the power washer out if there's really stubborn dirt - and that's it. You don't need to sand stain or seal composite decking, so once it's had a quick clean, you're good to go. 


Composite Decking Bench

New Accessories

If you want to give your garden a refreshing new look, you can do so with a selection of garden accessories. Whether you pull some old ones out of the shed and spruce them up or you invest in a completely new garden furniture set, a new touch of colour and texture is sure to liven up your garden for spring. You could even use some composite deck boards to fashion yourself a new garden bench (like the one shown above)! A few other accessories you could include in your spring re-vamp are:

  • A garden table
  • A new BBQ (great for parties!)
  • An umbrella (for shade and shelter)
  • Decorative lights
  • An outdoor heater

Variety of Flowers

Beautiful Blossoms

Nothing says spring quite like a selection of flourishing flowers. Start choosing some seeds because peak planting season starts next month! If you want some well-established planters around your garden, you need to put the work in early on in the year (don't worry your labour will be rewarded). If you're looking for varieties of flowers that are truly breathtaking, why not give sunflowers, sweetpeas or marigolds a try? These brightly coloured blossoms are sure to complement the woody tones of our composite decking perfectly!

We can guarantee you'll find a decked area the perfect place to relax this spring. You can browse all of our ranges by simply clicking the button below:

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As you know, we like to keep things here at DeckPlus fresh and innovative. For those of you who've been holding out for the perfect new decking for your garden, today might be the day you've been waiting for. Three new composite decking ranges are joining the DeckPlus family. Introducing... EasyClean Edge+, EasyClean Reserve and ReversaDek composite decking.

EasyClean Edge+ Composite Decking

If you want to add a touch of contemporary appeal to your garden, look no further than this gorgeous new composite decking range. Combining a dynamic duo-tone effect with a wood-like straight grain, these boards are equally, (if not more) charming than traditional wooden boards. EasyClean Edge+ comes in two stylish colours, Sea Salt Grey and Oak (shown above), so we're sure there'll be a shade to suit you. Here are a few other key product features:

  • Capped on three sides with a durable polymer sleeve
  • Grooved or ungrooved profiles
  • 25-year warranty including fade and stain cover


EasyClean Reserve Composite Decking

Are you looking for a classy decking option with an appealing aesthetic design, this is the decking for you. Combining sumptuous colours, robust materials and a matte finish, this decking is sure to stand out from the crowd. Reserve decking is available in three colours, Storm Grey, Driftwood and Dark Roast (shown above). You'll never have to worry about these delightful colours fading because each EasyClean Reserve board is capped on three sides with a tough polymer sleeve. Here are a few other features of Reserve:

  • 30-year warranty with fade and stain cover
  • Can be installed using CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners
  • Realistic antique brushed texture


ReversaDek Composite Decking

Bringing a touch of innovation to the composite decking market, this reversible decking option is sure to get you thinking about your garden redesign in a new and creative way. With these versatile boards, you can choose a colour that perfectly matches your home and decor by simply selecting the decking face that suits you most. For a more complex design, you can vary the upward face to expose both colours in an attractive variegated pattern. ReversaDek comes in two shades, Silver Grey or Slate Grey, (depending on which way round you choose to install them!). A couple more features to bear in mind are:

  • Hollow, lightweight boards with a grooved profile
  • 20-year warranty as standard
  • Colour-matched trim available


Now you know all about our new decking ranges, we're sure you'll be keen to start your garden renovation right away! So, if one of these new ranges takes your fancy, why not order a sample? Alternatively, you can browse all of our composite decking options here.

Benefits of Hidden Deck Fasteners

In our professional opinion, the best and most attractive way to install your composite decking is with hidden fasteners!

Depending on the type of composite decking board you choose, you are able to use hidden fasteners to ‘soft install’ your decking, resulting in a cleaner, more attractive-looking deck. Composite deck boards with a grooved edge allow hidden fasteners to be placed on either side and then screwed down into the deck’s frame. Meaning deck screws do not have to be drilled into the deck’s body, avoiding damage to the board and ensuring longevity. This is what provides a perfect, clean finish.

Types of Fasteners

There are two types of fasteners available to use when installing a deck; starter fasteners and hidden fasteners.

Starter fasteners are required by nearly all deck installations. This is the metal clip used to install and secure the very first and last deck boards of each run. Its purpose is to provide stability to the outer deck, resulting in the longevity of the deck’s body.

Hidden fasteners are the fasteners that create the gap between each individual board, which are secured and drilled down at each crossover of board and joist. Their purpose is to hold the boards in place across the main body of the deck and come with a whole host of features and benefits, including;

  • Easy installation, either pneumatically or using a drill
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different project types
  • Concealed to preserve the deck’s clean finish
  • Less likely to succumb to damage
  • Less risk for pets, children and feet
  • Built-in spacer provides a uniform gap between each board

Why does there have to be a gap between boards?

DeckPlus’ composite decking requires a gap between each board of 3-5mm in order for the warranty to be satisfied. This is to account for expansion and contraction of the deck boards within a variety of climates. If boards are not installed with an appropriate gap, there is a risk that the deck’s warranty will be void. Hidden fasteners enable you to install your boards with the correct gap in between, avoiding any potential issues with your deck’s warranty.

Here at DeckPlus, our hidden deck fasteners are available in different size options, catering for a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking to install a small deck or a large one, we have the hidden fasteners to match. Visit our decking accessories page today to learn more about the hidden fasteners options that we have available.

You can also find more information and instructions on our hidden deck fasteners within our installation resources. Click below to find out more!

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Want to speak to a member of the DeckPlus team about our hidden deck fasteners, composite deck boards or anything else? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to hear from you.

Over the last several years, we have seen a range of different, eye-catching deck designs created using our collection of composite deck boards. From small decks to large decks and everything in between, we’ve seen it all. But the stand out design that has gained more and more popularity is the raised deck.

Bringing a multidimensional look to any property, this is definitely the design to choose if you want your home to stand out from the crowd. But what design do you choose? What options are out there? Find out here with our raised deck ideas.


Raised Deck Frames

Similar to a house, the foundation of your deck will determine the rest of your deck design decisions. While it may seem like a simple choice, there are in fact a number of options that will impact both the look and feel of your finished deck. You will want to go for designs that will fit well with the overall design of your home, including your deck’s shape and its supports.

When it comes to your deck’s frame, there are two popular choices to choose from; either a rectangular frame or a circular one. A rectangular frame is a traditional design for most raised decks as it provides the most flexibility when it comes to style. As a result of its common shape, it can take on whatever look you choose for your materials and furnishings. A circular frame, however, offers a more unique deck design, With a more compact look, these frames are great for homes that have smaller gardens and outdoor areas and are trying to bring a more contemporary look and feel.

Outdoor Raised Deck Ideas


Raised Deck Stairs

One of the major benefits of having a raised deck is the ability to open the space below. Many homeowners choose to finish their underdeck space with a new patio to create additional outdoor entertainment area. No matter how you choose to use the space, connecting your raised deck with the rest of your garden using a set of matching stairs creates a homogenous and effective design.

Typically, there are two designs to choose from for your deck stairs; a traditional look or a spiral look. The traditional stair design is a huge compliment to classically-designed homes that consist of exposed wooden elements and clean, straight lines. Whereas the spiral stair design is a great choice for those looking to create a modern-styled garden. The main benefit of choosing a spiral stair design over a traditional design is the smaller footprint that it uses, making it the ideal choice for smaller-sized outdoor areas. The mesmerising look also creates a beautiful centrepiece that can be built around.

Raised Deck Stairs


Raised Deck Handrails and Balustrades

Another important thing to think about when adding a raised deck to your property is the safety element that you’d like to implement. This is a vital and necessary component of your raised deck as it will be, of course, raised above the ground and you’ll need sufficient measures in place to ensure any guests, family members, friends and yourself are protected when on the deck. The great thing about this, however, is that you have a choice of products to choose from, all of which offer their own unique style. Perfect for a variety of outdoor designs!

This first option at your disposal is a glass balustrade system. This is a glass panel system that covers the entire outer edge of your raised deck, providing a clear, classy element of safety. The wonderful thing about these systems is that you have several design options to choose from. Pick one with a handrail, without a handrail, a frameless or cable system. All of which adds a finishing touch to your garden that completes the look of your raised deck.

A second option that you can choose is a composite rail, the perfect way to complement a composite deck! Available from chosen suppliers in a variety of colours and materials, composite rails offer homeowners a sturdy yet stylish dimension to their garden.  

Raised Deck Balustrade


And there you have it - raised deck ideas to inspire your next outdoor deck design. If you're planning on using composite decking for your raised deck, be sure to order your FREE deck samples from DeckPlus. For more information on our collection of deck boards, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

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Composite decking has seen a surge of unwavering popularity over the last two decades, gracing many gardens across the UK and beyond – and with good reason.

Aesthetically stylish, reassuringly durable and consistently impressive, composite decking never fails to leave a lasting impression on homeowners and on-lookers alike.

That being said, the decking world isn’t immune to fashion trends; what’s in vogue in outdoor design can have a strong influence on the direction of industry as a whole.

To help you stay ahead of the curve in terms of keeping your garden up to date with contemporary design, we’ve outlined a few of the biggest things to expect from deck trends in 2020.


deck trends 2020


Decking Trends for 2020

With the momentum of composite decking showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, anyone looking to invest in composite decking for their home won’t be left with buyer’s remorse.

However, if you’re looking to keep your decking area in vogue and looking as stylish as possible, there are a few fashionable decking trends 2020 has in store that you may want to keep in mind…


deck trends 2020

Natural Wood

Contemporary colours have ruled the roost in the decking world over the last several years, with cool greys and dark stormy colours a common sight.

However, it appears that the cyclical nature of the outdoor design will see natural wood colours make a welcome comeback as what’s old becomes new once again.

Ranging from the classic appeal of dark teak and walnut decking to the lighter appeal of cedar and tigerwood shades, the organic appeal of authentic wood is simply timeless.


deck trends 2020

Decking Lights

An influential factor in interior and exterior design alike, effective lighting has the ability to make a good deck great and a great deck simply outstanding.

For the ultimate in seamless uplighting, the illuminating qualities of our built-in deck lights provide fashion and function with its stylish radiance.

Blending practicality with performance, these lights sit within the boards themselves to provide a level finish that’s tidy, clean and clutter-free.


deck trends 2020

Designer Flair

While a typical linear decking design will never fail to get the job done, 2020 looks set to see a rise in creativity when it comes to configuration and deck design.

Where standard striped decking may have been a foregone conclusion in the past, expect to see an increase in more artistic methods, such as diamond inserts and picture framing.

You could even mix and match with a multidirectional patchwork design or incorporate opposing directions with a dividing board in the centre. The possibilities are endless!


deck trends 2020

Cable Railing

Glass balustrades have been hogging all the attention in the last couple of years due to their unique blend of style and transparency; however, they also require continued maintenance to stay clean.

Conversely, cable railings offer all the benefits of balustrades with minimal upkeep, making them a popular choice for those looking to create a stylish decking border that also includes uncompromised visual freedom.

For raised decking areas and decked out balconies, a protective border is a must-have purchase and they don’t come any better than the low-maintenance, high-visibility of cable railing.


deck trends 2020


Finally, a garden trend that looks set to carry through from 2019 is the unique all-in-one tactic of garden zoning.

Essentially creating a “best of both worlds” scenario, zoning is – as the name suggest – the process of splitting your garden into distinct sections or zones.

This not only allows you to designate specific areas to a particular purpose or activity, it also allows you to incorporate multiple materials should you wish to mix-up your flooring design.


Deck Into 2020

With many of our composite decking ranges offering a hefty 30-year guarantee (like our EasyClean Legacy, EasyClean Tropical and Reliaboard ranges), decking out your outside space is an investment that could quite literally last a generation!

As such, you’re going to want to get it right the first time. Luckily, with the top-quality decking available at DeckPlus, our products never fail to impress and opting for a deck from us will set you on the right path to a designer deck that looks great in 2020 and beyond.


For more decking inspiration or additional information on the deck trends 2020 is likely to bring, why not drop us a line today? Call now on 0800 028 8756 or get in touch online by clicking the button below.

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